Saving early for college tuition

Beth Cooper helped her 9-year-old son, Jace, open his own bank account, where he stashes half his $4-a-week allowance. He was thrilled when the balance reached $100. “Mom,” he said, “surely I can pay for college now.” The price of tuition, even at state schools, has been rising faster than middle-class families’ earnings. According to a recent report by the student loan company Sallie Mae, families draw on grants, scholarships, paychecks and savings, but still end up borrowing heavily for coll

Child Care's Bottom Line | PDX Parent

Portland residents Beth Borts and Tom Aguilar started looking for child care as soon as they found out Beth was pregnant. As they visited various programs, sticker shock set in. “We didn’t realize how much it would be for quality care,” said Borts, a sales and events manager at McMenamins Kennedy School in Northeast Portland. But it soon sunk in: Their monthly child care bill would rival their mortgage. The annual cost would exceed tuition at a state university.